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Fair Fuel UK Motorists Survey - Greener fuel wanted!

Key findings:

  • 70.4% are potentially willing to pay more for fuel which is better for the environment

  • 88.4% of those said they were prepared to pay up to 5p per litre more (51.5% said up to 2p)

  • Of those not currently driving an Eelectric Vehicle, only 0.1% said they planned their next vehicle to be an EV

  • Of those currently driving an EV, only 5.5% would buy another as their next vehicle, it seems most would revert back to petrol or diesel

  • Most motorists seem to be planning to stick with the vehicle type they currently have

  • 62% of petrol drivers said their emissions concerned them ‘a lot’ or ‘a little’. This is higher than the % of diesel drivers concerned by it.

  • Only about 42% of petrol or petrol hybrid drivers are aware of E5 petrol currently in the UK

  • 93.8% think any proposal to ban petrol/diesel sales by 2030 is wrong

  • 94.3% of car drivers think the Government is ignoring existing practical solutions to lower emissions

  • 97.2% of car drivers think the Government should be investigating these solutions


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