4 Mar 2020

Ensus welcomed Rachel Maclean MP, the Minister responsible for Transport together with Ben Houchen, the Teesside Mayor and their local constituency MP Jacob Young to its plant today for the launch of the E10 consultation.

Great to hear the Minister and politicians be so positive about the green fuel E10 and the benefits its introduction will bring.

4 Mar 2020

The government is consulting on the introduction of E10 - a lower carbon fuel - at filling stations across the UK.


Grant Pearson, Commercial Director of Ensus UK on Teesside, which supports around 2,000 jobs directly and in the supply chain throughout the north in a variety of sectors including farming and haulage, said: “We welcome today’s announcement as the availability of E10 in 2021 will instantly make petrol a lot cleaner,...

6 Feb 2020

  • Introduction of E10 would produce carbon emissions savings equivalent to taking 700,000 cars off the road, an important step in the long road to carbon neutrality by 2050

  • MPs back Bioethanol Industry which supports thousands of UK jobs worth £1 billion to UK economy

  • Matt Vickers, MP for Stockton South and Dehenna Davison, MP for Bishop Auckland, elected Co-Chairs

  • Newly elected Co-Chairs Matt Vickers and Dehenna Davison have written a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Transport calli...

16 Jul 2019

The APPG for British Bioethanol has launched its final report on the introduction of E10 today. Stemming from the launch of an Inquiry in March into the lack of progress made by the DfT to publish its Consultation into E10, which closed in September 2018.

The APPG made an open for submissions to be submitted to the Inquiry by stakeholders of the British Bioethanol industry, and throughout the length of the Inquiry gathered evidence from 12 stakeholders from the UK, France and Belgium, also holding two oral evidenc...

11 Jun 2019

Chair of the APPG for British Bioethanol Nic Dakin MP today launched the publication of the interim report into introduction of E10 in Westminster. Click image below for full Interim Report.

Interim recommendations:

  • Green solution needed to address increasing petrol usage in UK

  • Calls for DfT to host emergency summit on E10 before the summer

The APPG for British Bioethanol has today published its Interim Report, ending the first part of its Inquiry into Introducing E10 in the UK which launched in March. E...

17 May 2019

A good opportunity to better understand and support low carbon fuels at the LowCVP Future Fuels Conference on 8th July 2019.

Speakers to include:

  • Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary-General, ePURE
  • Andy Eastlake, Managing Director, LowCVP

  • Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Committee on Climate Change


10 May 2019

With E10 now on the Prime Minister’s radar, we’re pleased it’s finally getting the attention it deserves.

While there is no data or evidence from countries which have already introduced this fuel that older cars aren’t compatible with E10, we hope the APPG Inquiry will explore this issue further so that E10 can be very quickly introduced in the UK.

18 Mar 2019

The APPG for British Bioethanol has today launched an Inquiry into Introducing E10 in the UK. E10 is a blend of fuel containing ten percent bioethanol already sold in many other developed countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Finland and the US.

This Inquiry follows announcements last year from two of the UK’s largest bioethanol producers Vivergo and Ensus - to cease and pause production due to insufficient demand in the UK where only E5 - a blend of fuel containing five percent bioethanol - is available....

10 Aug 2018

  • New report shows Local Authorities still favour fossil fuel vehicles and rarely opt for electric vehicles within their fleets

  • 90% of cars currently operated by LAs, 88% of those bought in the last year and 85% of new orders placed are for diesel or petrol cars

  • Of the 82 LAs with the worst air quality, not a single council has bought, rented or placed an order for an electric vehicle in the last year

  • Results call into question grass-roots political will to widely use electric vehicles and highli...

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