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New era of green fuel set to clean up Britain’s roads

The government is consulting on the introduction of E10 - a lower carbon fuel - at filling stations across the UK.

Grant Pearson, Commercial Director of Ensus UK on Teesside, which supports around 2,000 jobs directly and in the supply chain throughout the north in a variety of sectors including farming and haulage, said: “We welcome today’s announcement as the availability of E10 in 2021 will instantly make petrol a lot cleaner, providing significant carbon reduction benefits to our environment on the long road to net-zero emissions by 2050.

"It is vitally important to protecting and potentially growing jobs in this industry including many in the supply chain and will bring tangible benefits to UK farmers and environmentally-conscious motorists.”

Grant added: “I’d like to thank our local MPs and members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Biofuels who have been particularly supportive throughout this process and particularly the APPG’s recently appointed co-chairs Matt Vickers MP (Stockton South) Dehenna Davison MP (Bishop Auckland) and secretary Jacob Young MP (Redcar).”

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