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Low CO2 emissions is among the top three considerations for UK car buyers, according to a recent AA survey.

The research from AA’s used car website reveals that over a quarter of Britons are making carbon footprint a top priority when buying a new car, just behind comfort and safety. It also showed that toxic emissions were now a concern for 15% of drivers compared to just 1% a year ago.

The results follow other indications that consumers are opting for greener driving solutions, with sales of petrol vehicles increasing as consumers move away from diesel, supporting the push from the British Bioethanol industry to introduce E10 – a greener blend of petrol – into the UK.

“Over the course of the last year, there’s been a notable shift in drivers’ priorities when it comes to buying new cars - one of the most striking trends amongst consumers is to more consciously consider the ‘green’ aspects of their next vehicle when heading down to the forecourt,” said Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Cars.

E10 is common throughout Europe, North America and Australasia, with the UK lagging behind other nations in terms of cleaning up its petrol. Transport in the UK is not only the highest greenhouse gas emitting sector, but other pollutants which lead to poor air quality can also be reduced through higher blends of ethanol.

Richard Royal, Head of Government Affairs & Communications at Vivergo Fuels, the UK’s largest bioethanol producer said:

“It is clear that consumers are increasingly environment-savvy and seeking greener solutions where possible. We’re currently seeing this regarding plastics, but there’s also a very clear trend in motoring, with car buyers opting to buy petrol rather than diesel. The logical step for the Government is to respond to consumer demand and environmental necessity by introducing E10, thereby displacing a further 5% of fossil fuel with renewable low-carbon bioethanol in order to lower transport emissions.”

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