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11 Jul 2018

Key findings:

  • 70.4% are potentially willing to pay more for fuel which is better for the environment

  • 88.4% of those said they were prepared to pay up to 5p per litre more (51.5% said up to 2p)

  • Of those not currently driving an Eelectric Vehicle, only 0.1% said they planned their next vehicle to be an EV

  • Of those currently driving an EV, only 5.5% would buy another as their next vehicle, it seems most would revert back to petrol or diesel

  • Most motorists seem to be planning to stick with th...

26 Jun 2018


- NOx reduced by up to 34%

- Particulate matter reduced by up to 95%

- Nanoparticles reduced by up to 96%

- Non-methane hydrocarbons reduced by up to 60%

- Benzene and butadiene reduced by around 25%

- Reduction in the cancer risk of a petrol blend by 6.6%

- Petrol blends lower NOx ten-fold compared to diesel

- Oxygen within ethanol leads to more efficient fuel burn

19 Jun 2018

Renewed calls for the introduction of greener petrol E10 have today been made after it was calculated the fuel could save UK motorists up to £20m a year.

19 Jun 2018

A cross-party group of influential MPs has written to Government Ministers demanding action on the introduction of E10, the greener petrol.

19 Jun 2018

Here you can find minutes of the APPG meeting held on 22nd May 2018 and copies of the presentations made.

The meeting featured contributions from:

- Brett Askew, National Farmers Union – The importance of E10 to British farmers

- Dr Michael Goldsworthy, National Non-Food Crop Centre – The environmental benefits of E10 for carbon emissions and air quality

- Hendrik Lemahieu, Belgian Bioethanol Association – How E10 was successfully introduced in Belgium in 2017 and what the UK can learn

- Mark Chesworth, Vivergo Fuels...

21 May 2018

Featuring NFU, Belgian Bioethanol Association & National Non-Food Crop Centre

20 Feb 2018

Low CO2 emissions is among the top three considerations for UK car buyers, according to a recent AA survey.

The research from AA’s used car website reveals that over a quarter of Britons are making carbon footprint a top priority when buying a new car, just behind comfort and safety. It also showed that toxic emissions were now a concern for 15% of drivers compared to just 1% a year ago.

The results follow other indications that consumers are opting for greener driving solutions, with sales of petrol vehicles incre...

31 Oct 2017


19 Sep 2017

“Whilst the Government has taken some note of the 93% of consultation respondents who raised substantial concerns on behalf of the industry, its employees and the farmers who rely on its continued production, it has fallen short of fully addressing them.

I’m concerned that imposing a low and declining crop cap – the lowest in Europe – upon the British bioethanol industry limits its potential for growth and also restricts the opportunities for UK agriculture at precisely the time that we need to be widening their o...

19 Sep 2017

Leading producers of bioethanol in the UK have backed the launch of a new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Bioethanol.

The committee of MPs and Peers with an interest in promoting the benefits of the bioethanol industry and its products, will hold events and meetings to discuss policy, share news and report on relevant issues as well as holding the Government to account on its domestic and international environmental commitments.

The group aims to raise awareness of the industry, its economic impact,...

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